The Power of One

Leveraging The Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing.

Consumers of today tend to be very particular with the brands they interact and do business with. Consumers are becoming increasingly brand agnostic and will always prefer the convenience, security and speed associated with personalized shopping.

Omnichannel refers to the multi-channel sales approach that provides customers with an integrated shopping experience. Each channel works together to create a unified and enhanced experience for your brand.

Omnichannel marketing involves crafting your brand’s presence across multiple online and offline platforms including websites, apps, social media pages, emails, direct messages, WhatsApp, retail stores, events and call-centers.

Providing these experiences for your customers is essential. It helps to build a positive reputation for your brand and aims at producing a memorable and seamless experience for them.

An example of Omnichannel marketing is a customer getting an email or SMS message about a promotion while in-store shopping. Another example is a customer getting an SMS about a promotion with a mailer in their mailbox with the physical coupons.

The Incredible Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing

  1. Greater brand visibility

Utilizing the features of Omnichannel marketing helps to display your brand’s message across various platforms in a consistent and timely manner. Whenever a customer encounters your brand, they are offered a seamless and personalized customer experience. This leads to better brand visibility, and increased customer loyalty.

  1. Cost effective

Omnichannel marketing allows you to use your resources more efficiently. Assessing this data will advise you on where and when to concentrate on a specific channel more than others for a greater profitable return.

  1. Greater customer retention rates

Customers favor convenience when shopping. As a result, the Omnichannel experience is the best for their needs. Research shows that brands that employ an Omnichannel or cross-channel marketing strategy consistently see a 13% annual improvement in customer retention rates.

  1. Integrated business

One of the most significant benefits of Omnichannel marketing is more integrated business. Instead of having different units working towards separate goals, Omnichannel marketing creates a system of various units working together towards one ultimate goal.

This strategy involves integrated sales, marketing, customer service and inventory resource planning working towards one single goal.

  1. Creates better engagement with your audience

Improving your brand’s customer engagement provides a number of benefits including driving sales and customer loyalty. Additionally, being able to reach your customers on various different platforms increases engagement.

Engagement doesn’t necessarily mean more revenue; however, when compared between single-channel and Omnichannel campaigns, campaigns using three channels or more earned a 250% higher purchase rate.

Providing a consistent and relevant marketing message that traverses multiple platforms encourages audience members to engage more than traditional multichannel marketing. By extension, this increases, clicks, shares and various other engagement metrics.

  1. Achieves a higher ROI

Because of the significant increase in customer engagement this leads to more conversions and higher ROI.

A brand’s advertising campaign and their ability to extract maximum ROI is strengthened and simplified by using “one” agency for all tasks, rather than multiple agencies which handle creative, strategy, planning and buying.

Xplore is a full-service, Omnichannel Marketing agency that is passionate about media and dedicates skills and expertise to helping you reach the people you want to communicate with in the right place, at the right time and by saying the right things.

Our Omnichannel marketing strategy uses a blend of consultancy, branding, social media management, strategic campaigns, and digitalarketing. We provide comprehensive solutions for brands wishing to engage with their consumers, not just online, but across the full gambit of digital media available today.

We offer brands the “Power of One” and are intent on using various effective ways to further engage your audience. We are devoted to offering our clients superior performance and proving that a single agency is beyond capable of successfully improving their brand.

We have carefully compiled a list of benefits that Omnichannel marketing can provide for your brand or company.

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